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Leadership team coaching develops a mindset of leadership. Not only do you gain a sound business solution, you also gain a leadership team capable of implementing it successfully.

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Change team coaching helps frontline managers to leadership teams identify and implement change initiatives. It works best when facing a live change challenge in your business.

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Team coaching is for teams facing a live current challenge affecting the team. We’ll first gel the team as a strong unit and then help the team develop meaningful solutions to the challenge they face.

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Practical Consultancy:
A New Concept in Professional Development.

It’s based on a simple ethos: to succeed in today’s economy leadership is vital at all levels of business.

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Brexit, Lies, and Leadership

Brexit, Lies, and Leadership

As I write political leadership in the UK is in disarray after the EU referendum decision to leave the EU.…

Testimonials From Our Clients

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  • “Ruth was incredibly inspiring and friendly. The real-life stories were emotional and thought provoking. The vibe was perfect, she is positive and shines it on to everyone. Our problems were systematically tackled and everyone was heard. The group exercises were perfect! A life changing experience I am very grateful for. Thank you.”

  • “Joe delivered an interactive workshop for the Senior Consultants at Allied Consultants Europe (ACE) at our Connect Event in Prague. Our Senior Consultants were looking to develop their interpersonal skills to enhance their sales abilities. Senior Consultants are very confident, very competent people with high standards for their professional development. Joe rose to the challenge by getting input from our delegates before designing the program. His use of delegate’s real life issues made the day relevant and kept a group of 45 engaged throughout. It’s clear Joe cares passionately about his work and I’d have no hesitation calling on him again.”

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