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Leadership team coaching develops a mindset of leadership. Not only do you gain a sound business solution, you also gain a leadership team capable of implementing it successfully.

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Change team coaching helps frontline managers to leadership teams identify and implement change initiatives. It works best when facing a live change challenge in your business.

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Team coaching is for teams facing a live current challenge affecting the team. We’ll first gel the team as a strong unit and then help the team develop meaningful solutions to the challenge they face.

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Practical Consultancy:
A New Concept in Professional Development.

It’s based on a simple ethos: to succeed in today’s economy leadership is vital at all levels of business.

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Why Sharing Leadership Matters

Why Sharing Leadership Matters

Do you like sharing? It could be sharing expertise in the boardroom. Perhaps sharing time and knowledge to mentor the…

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  • “I needed someone that would provide an ‘instant cocktail’ that would address multiple issues: team building, change management and transformational leadership. I knew it would not be easy to find the right ‘bar man’ that would offer an ‘instant fix’ solution, all in one shot. I still do not believe how lucky I was to find that ‘Buddha’, Joe Britto. He was a ‘great refresher’. I‘m still amazed he managed to get through such big topic areas without slides and notes while making it so interesting at the same time.”

  • “We delivered on all objectives we set out to achieve. Ruth’s flexibility and ability to change and adapt to our needs helped us meet our goals. I’m really glad that we worked together on this.”

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