Innate Leaders is a revolutionary approach to management consulting and team coaching.

We take a team coaching approach to consultancy and a consulting approach to team coaching.

What the Heck Does That Mean?

Well, by taking that approach we combine the best of coaching and the best of management consulting.

What we’re saying is our consulting and team coaching is sustainable because we believe your people have the ability to take the lead on solving the problems of your business. That is, if they have what we call a leadership mindset.

Not only do we coach solutions from your people; we embed the ability for them to lead the implementation.

When that happens guess what? It sticks. And it sticks because they lead their own ideas.

Not only do you gain a sound business solution, you also gain a leadership team capable of implementing it successfully. Now when we leave, the benefits of our work stay with your business.

Click on the graphic below to see how our approach differs from other corporate solutions.

Innate Leaders - Team Coaching & Management Consulting Grid

What are the Hallmarks of Working with Innate Leaders?

  • Our work has the biggest impact on your business in the shortest time
  • We provide 1-2-1 calls with participants ahead of sessions to understand your team and business
  • We analyze information gained in calls to ensure our work addresses your real world challenges
  • We design bespoke consulting programs responsive to your developmental and organizational needs
  • We’re psychological coaches and consultants who don’t focus on models or theories. We focus on you
  • All our work is fully interactive and engaging
  • We provide session recap documents for each participant
  • We’ve worked with senior teams from companies across the world and our experience shows
  • Participants leave our workshops with a practical route forward
  • Our approach allows us to work with complex team and organizational dynamics
  • We focus on sustainability at the outset
  • Once you work with us, we’ll remain a free resource on any element covered in the session in the form of emails and phone calls indefinitely
  • Cultivating personal and organizational leadership is at the core of all our work
  • Our programs create long term sustainable change

Interested? Check out our management consulting and team coaching pages to see if the Innate Leaders approach is a good fit for you.

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