Innate Leaders is a boutique management consultancy that works in partnership with complimentary professional development companies around the world. We deliver unique professional development centred on change management and incorporating team and leadership development.

We currently have partnerships in the UK, Canada and the Middle East. And we’re looking for our next company to grow with.

Our new partner will:

  • Be interested in creating real and sustainable change in the business world
  • Believe that changing the way we do business changes the world
  • Think big and create impact
  • Share a common approach with us
  • Take a cutting edge approach to whatever training and development work you do
  • Have a large corporate client base with a wide reach
  • Have an active marketing approach
  • Pro-actively search for and gain sales

What we offer you:

  • An added service to complement your current offering
  • A resource-light way to increase your revenue
  • An opportunity to offer a high-end bespoke consultancy service
  • An opportunity to sell your offering as a follow up to our consultancy service
  • Free sales training (if needed) for your sales team
  • A proactive and committed partner
  • Over thirty-five years of combined consulting experience

For further information on who we are, how we work and what we do, please check out the website. Then, if you’re interested in being part of global change, contact us and we’ll go from there.