Innate Leaders - participants working“This absolutely changed the way our team works together in a massive way. I know traditional leadership development would have given us nothing. We didn’t need to learn how to be leaders; what we needed was to work with someone who could make the team the best leadership team it could be.” – Claire Crowley Head of HR, Almirall Limited

Our leadership team coaching hones and develops a mindset of leadership. It works with your whole leadership team to build an effective team willing and capable of identifying meaningful solutions to specific challenges in your organization.

Your leadership challenge may be any of the following:

  • Business critical issues requiring a sustainable long term solution
  • Installing a smooth workflow following a merger
  • Aligning the team on organizational goals
  • Enhancing current ways of working
  • Reducing silo working
  • Developing ways to increase employee engagement
  • Implementing a positive work environment
  • Finding a route to market for a product or service
  • Developing ways to increase productivity
  • Setting a new company direction

Whatever your specific challenge, our leadership team coaching will be designed to meet the needs of your senior leadership team.

How Does it Work?

Leadership team coaching sessions are definitely not one size fits all. That said, our work with you could involve the following stages:

Information gathering – we’ll take the time to understand what your leadership team is looking to achieve through team coaching and the challenge it faces. We’ll offer our insight on the kind of leadership team coaching that will offer you the most benefit and establish duration, frequency and content. We’re happy to go back and forth on this up to three times at no charge to make sure we have the right approach for your team.

Design – we’ll then design a series of workshops that can run from one day to five days. The focus on these workshops is to build a leadership mindset and behaviours, hone the effectiveness of the leadership team and practical solutions to your business challenge. We’ll also develop a mechanism to hold individuals and the team the accountable

On-going support – we offer free on-going support to make sure your solutions don’t fizzle out and real gains are achieved.

What are the Benefits?

We can tell you the kind of benefits we bring to leadership teams, but we’d prefer to let you hear from one of our recent clients:

“Thank you for a great four days. With your guidance our leadership team was able to see that we could work differently as an organization. We are now thinking differently about our policies and are in the process of developing procedures to go with them. What were our “catch up meetings” are now our Leadership Meetings where we call each other if we drift from the team charter we designed – so we already have a new way of working. Though the work was tough for some, the sessions have helped us put ourselves out there more. After these sessions we’re a closer more effective leadership team that works well together. Your perspective was so valuable in getting us to this level of working.” – Lynn White, Director of Finance and Human Resources, ACCESS


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