Innate Leaders  - participant in action“Leaders are the ambassadors of how a company works. If the leadership team is not strong, you spend all your time dealing with staff and management issues. Having a strong leadership team allows for strategic thinking and that makes a fundamental difference to an organisation.” – Claire Crowley Head of HR, Almirall Limited

Our team coaching approach to strategy consulting is management consulting to help you develop revolutionary strategies to further your business goals.


By challenging and stretching your team to move beyond conventional and safe ideas. We’ll cultivate a flexible mindset in your team and coach them toward seeing your business with a beginner’s mind.

Armed with a new way of looking at your business, we’ll work with your team to develop a strategic solution that is as effective as it is revolutionary.

What’s the Process?

All strategy consulting is different. We don’t use models or rely on theories because your business deserves more than that. That said, our work with you could involve the following stages:

Information gathering – we’ll develop an understanding of your business needs and those of key stakeholders. We’ll analyse the information we gain for themes, causes and possible routes forward

Design – we’ll then design a series of interactive consulting sessions that help your team gain a consensus on the challenges your business faces and a willingness to find an effective and revolutionary solution. These sessions can run from one day to five days.

On-going support – we offer free on-going support as you implement outputs from the design stage.

What are the Benefits?

Though we could list the benefits of working with Innate Leaders on strategy consulting, we think the proof is in the testimonial (if you know what we mean):

“We delivered on all objectives we set out to achieve. Your flexibility and ability to change and adapt to our needs helped us meet our goals. I’m really glad that we worked together on this.” – Andrea Sturm, President & CEO, Samson Rope Technologies


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