Innate Leaders - two participants laughingInnate Leaders team coaching is a proven way to create long term and self-sustainable shifts in teams. We’ve had success with a variety of teams from frontline managers to senior teams.

But it isn’t for everyone. Expect the process to be challenging. Expect teams to be stretched, and expect them to develop real world solutions to the real world challenges they face.

Expect them to leave with the leadership mindset and behaviours to make that solution happen.

Does Team Coaching Work?

Innate Leaders team coaching is most effective for teams facing an identifiable challenge. It could be any challenge but there needs to be one. So although we’d love to work with you, if there isn’t a current challenge, we’d suggest you save your money. Challenges include the following… of course this isn’t a complete list:

  • Business critical issues requiring a sustainable long term solution
  • Installing a smooth workflow following a merger
  • Aligning the team on organizational goals
  • Enhancing current ways of working
  • Reducing silo working
  • Developing ways to increase employee engagement
  • Implementing a positive work environment
  • Finding a route to market for a product or service
  • Setting a new company direction
  • Identifying change initiatives to drive your business forward
  • Creating company-wide buy-in for change
  • Embedding a recent change
  • Overcoming a lack individual leadership from key change stakeholders
  • Problem solving a failing change initiative
  • Building a creative organization
  • Developing a coaching culture
  • Enhancing communication
  • Developing ways to increase productivity
  • Eliminating team tensions or conflicts
  • Developing clarity on purpose and goals
  • Overcoming a lack of commitment on team or organizational goals
  • Overcoming a lack of accountability

What’s the Benefit?

By working through the Innate Leaders team coaching process, team members will develop a leadership mindset and the corresponding leadership behaviours. We then take that mindset and behaviours to develop accountability and (personal) responsibility in their area of challenge. That leads to the team developing solutions that often surprises even them.

Beyond that benefit, you can also expect the following team benefits:

  • Seeing conflict as an opportunity to grow as a team
  • Becoming comfortable working with opinions that differ within the team
  • Recognising the strengths of each team member and how to use those strengths
  • Team members working to create a platform for all to lead
  • Developing resilience in the face of setbacks
  • Real and tangible sense of team purpose
  • Developing a flexible team culture adaptable to the changing business environment
  • Enhancing a creative mindset that can be used to creatively solve problems as a team
  • Effective relationships within the team and with external stakeholders
  • Developing the trust and respect for each team member
  • Improving team morale and productivity
  • Holding team members accountable for team plans, goals and outcomes
  • Achieving more as a team than as individual team members
  • Understanding the process of team performance and develop meaningful ways to improve it
  • Willingness to question team assumptions and develop revolutionary new ways of working
  • Willingness to see what tasks need team involvement
  • Willingness to put team success over individual success

If you think team coaching may be right for you, we’d love to help.

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