Innate Leaders - three participants“I’m incredibly satisfied with how well Innate Leaders’ work was received among the team at my company. Their work is different – it was meaningful, useful and most importantly, fun. Needless to say, it resonated with my colleagues, and they continue to apply the learning into practice. The recap document sent following the sessions really captured the spirit of the work, which is not only a good reminder, but also a valuable resource for the future.” – Carla Vilar-Rojas, VP, Human Resources, Worldwide, Orion Holdings

Team coaching is for teams facing a live current challenge affecting the team. We’ll first work to gel the team as a strong unit and then help the team develop meaningful solutions to the challenge they face. We’ll also develop this solution in a system or process that can be sustained long after we’ve gone. Challenges can fall into a broad spectrum and can include any of the following:

  • Enhancing communication
  • Eliminating team tensions or conflicts
  • Developing clarity on purpose and goals
  • Overcoming a lack of commitment on team or organizational goals
  • Overcoming a lack of accountability

Whatever the challenge we’ll create the environment so your team can tackle the challenge head on. It may be uncomfortable, but they develop a strong sense of team alignment and uncover the solution that’s right for them and your business. And because it’s their idea, they’ll be invested to make the solution work.

How Does it Work?

For team coaching to work it has to be responsive to your team. We don’t use a set model. That said, our work with you could involve the following stages:

Information gathering – we’ll take the time to understand the team dynamic and the challenge it faces. We may even talk to everyone on the team for a rounded understanding

Design – we’ll then design a series of interactive workshops that can run from one day to five days. We’ll build a leadership mindset and behaviours as we explore the root causes of the challenge and work with your team to develop a meaningful way forward. We’ll then develop ideas into a self-sustaining system that can continue after we’ve gone

On-going support – we offer free on-going support to make sure systems are implemented and real gains are achieved.

What are the Benefits?

If you visited other pages on this site, you’ll know we let our recent clients explain the benefits of our work. That way you get it straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak):

“Innate Leaders did some great work for us at Audley Travel, showing our managers how to lead and think for themselves within the framework available to them. We have seen some really amazing things come out of the sessions, not least the ability of the managers to coach rather than tell which increased employee engagement. Managers now have a desire to question, understand and improve rather than just accept the status quo. Even a year on people are still using what they gained” – Natalie Lewis, Head of Southeast Asia at Audley Travel


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