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Compound Noun:
/ˈmænɪdʒmənt/ /kənˈsʌltɪŋ/
Advising companies on the best ways of managing, operating and improving the performance of their business.


“Management consulting is about improving organizational performance by offering recommendations and implementing solutions for business problems. Management consulting brings an objective perspective and a depth of experience into organizations to enhance business capability.”

At Innate Leaders we’ve taken the concept of management consulting further. There’s a reason businesses revert to where they were when a traditional management consultant leaves.

And that’s because of the line in the quote above: they offer recommendations and implement solutions. And although those recommendations are often great, and the solutions stellar, the problem is they’re not your solutions. So when the consultant goes, so do the benefits.

Innate Leaders takes a revolutionary approach to management consulting. We understand that if your organization is facing business critical challenges advice and recommendations alone won’t help you solve those issues. You need real and sustainable solutions.

Our team coaching approach to consultancy combines the best of psychological coaching and the best of management consulting.

Take a look at the graphic below:

Innate Leaders - Team Coaching & Management Consulting Graphic

The core of what we’re getting at is this: a team coaching approach to management consulting is sustainable because it develops the leadership mindset and behaviours of your team and applies that mindset to solving business critical issues in a sustainable way.

We believe your people have the ability to take the lead on solving the problems of your business, whether those problems lie in strategy, operations, management, HR or any other aspect of your business.

The end result is a sound business solution, and a leadership team capable of implementing (and sustaining) it successfully.

And that’s true whether we’re talking about organizational consulting or strategy consulting.

What’s the Process?

Innate Leaders management consulting is a responsive and experiential process that leaves you with a practical route forward. All of our management consulting programs are different, but you can expect the process to flow through the following stages:

Pre-consulting – gives us a good understanding of your challenge and gives you an understanding of how we work and what you can expect. We’ll work with you to determine a time frame and evaluation process for the consulting.

Initial Coaching – we’ll deepen our understanding of your organization through 1-2-1 consulting with all key stakeholders to identify business critical organizational and/or team challenges. This can be through phone calls, Skype calls or on-site visits.

Information analysis – we’ll delve into the information we’ve gained. We’ll find themes, possible causes and anything else that might be relevant.

Consulting sessions – we’ll then work with your senior leadership team to gain consensus on the challenge to solve. Then we develop implementation plans to embed self-sustaining long-term solutions. All that while embedding a leadership mindset and behaviours.

Post Consultation – we’ll check in as plans are implemented and follow up after implementation.

What’s the Result?

The benefits of Innate Leaders’ team coaching approach to management consulting are varied.

Your team will come out of the consulting process with a coherent plan to implement a new strategy or organizational change that will deal with business critical problems.

Perhaps more importantly they’ll have the team alignment, team commitment and accountability to implement a self-sustainable solution. And the leadership mindset and behaviours to rise to future challenges.

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