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Compound Noun:
/’ti:m ‘kəʊtʃɪŋ/
the act of developing a group of people who work together in business



At Innate Leaders we don’t believe in rah rah coaching, visioning or models. We take a psychological coaching approach to team coaching.

We believe in humans talking to humans and we believe in real and sustainable results.

Our work isn’t for everyone. We work with teams and businesses facing a clear and present challenge in three specific areas.

Leadership team coaching helps leaders enhance their leadership mindset and develop its corresponding behaviours. The result is a leadership team willing and able to lead as one coherent team.

Change team coaching is a practical approach that develops and embeds leadership as teams identify and implement meaningful long term solutions to real world change imperatives.

Team coaching works with teams to enhance personal leadership while creating self-sustaining ways to foster alignment, collaboration and integrated working within and across teams.

And we do all that in a challenging interactive experience.

What’s the Team Coaching Process?

  • Pre-consulting to identify team and company challenges
  • 20 minute 1-2-1 coaching session for up to 12 team members before team coaching sessions begin
  • 1-5 workshop days to develop leadership and team alignment. In session we’ll work with the team to identify long term solutions to business challenges and develop a sustainable implementation plan
  • Use of Innate Leaders by each participant for six months to hone and embed a leadership mindset and leadership behaviours
  • Post-consulting to establish program success / feedback

What Are The Results?

There’re many benefits to Innate Leaders team coaching including:

  • Teams work interdependently rather than independently
  • Real time development of leadership mindset
  • Project implementation embeds real behaviour change
  • Builds collaboration
  • Teams embrace conflict as a way to create bigger and better ideas
  • Teams develop the behaviour of respectful and effective communication
  • Organizational or team challenges are addressed head on
  • Teams develop the behaviours of sustainable high performance
  • Teams agree and are aligned on goals
  • Creates a positive sense of team spirit
  • Enhances and builds on self and team accountability
  • Aligned teams capable of leading effective change
  • Teams become more than the sum of their parts
  • Development and implementation of solutions to business challenges
  • Multiple sessions allow development of mindset and behaviours outside of the session

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