Innate Leaders - picture of Cyrus JagoshCyrus Jagosh BA

Cyrus is passionate about helping others. And that’s why he heads up Innate Leaders’ business development team in Vancouver, Canada. His personal mission is to understand your business and the challenges it faces before offering any solutions.

Embodying Innate Leaders’ “human before professional” and “no BS zone” philosophies, Cyrus is soft spoken and considered – he’ll let you know clearly what we can do and what we can’t.

Cyrus’ background in management, entrepreneurship (he ran his own business for 12 years) and mentoring young entrepreneurs for the last 5 years, gives him a unique take on business and the challenges and solutions open to it.

A graduate in Criminology, Cyrus has also achieved recognition within a Fortune 500 Company.

He currently lives in Vancouver BC, where he enjoys the beauty of nature.


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