Innate Leaders - Senior team“The flexibility Innate Leaders demonstrated helped the group to gel as a team and work together to address the common issue of getting buy-in from staff on the transformation of our organizational structure. The process of your work was challenging for some, but challenge doesn’t have to be negative. In the end the task got done and everyone was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.” William S. S. Amoroso, Director Administration Division, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

Change team coaching works with frontline managers to leadership teams to identify and implement change initiatives. Change team coaching works best when dealing with a live change challenge facing the business. Challenges could include any of the following:

  • Responding to a business critical challenge
  • Implementing a positive work environment
  • Finding a route to market for a product or service
  • Setting a new company direction
  • Identifying change initiatives to drive your business forward
  • Creating company-wide buy-in for change
  • Embedding a recent change
  • Overcoming a lack individual leadership from key change stakeholders
  • Problem solving a failing change initiative
  • Building a creative organization
  • Developing a coaching culture

If you’ve…

  • tried a change that didn’t work
  • are in the middle of a change crisis
  • are looking to embed an existing change
  • are looking to identify the best change initiative for your business

We’ll work with your team to encourage debate, challenge current ways of thinking and develop the best solution for your business.

How Does it Work?

As you’d imagine, change team coaching needs to respond to the change needs of your business. That’s why we don’t have a set formula. That said, our work with you could involve the following stages:

Information gathering – we’ll take the time to understand the change you’re looking to develop. If it’s a change that’s gone wrong, we’ll work to understand why. If it’s a change you’re looking to embed we’ll get an understanding of possible resistance. Whatever the change we’ll develop an understanding of the challenge your change initiative faces

Design – we’ll then design a series of workshops that can run from one day to five days. We’ll build the leadership mindset and behaviours of your team to challenge their ideas, question accepted wisdom and hone in on the most effective way of leading, embedding or designing. Because we’re practical we’ll coach your team to develop strong implementation plans

On-going support – we offer free on-going support to make sure plans are implemented and real gains are achieved.

What are the Benefits?

We hate to blow our own horn, so we’d prefer to let you hear from one of our recent clients:

“Innate Leaders has been working with the Executive and Senior Management Teams at Aldwyck Housing Group in the areas of change management and creativity. They have quickly established a rapport with this diverse group of managers, and delivered sessions that have been fun, thought-provoking, and useful. I am leading a corporate change program, which involves culture change and capacity-building, to which Innate Leaders has made a valuable contribution. People trust them and will therefore engage, even if we are taking them out of their comfort zone!” Kate Farley, Programme Director, Aldwyck Housing Group


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