Leadership Team Coaching

We had the privilege of working with four groups of Audley Travel’s management team over four days.

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Audley Travel specializes in tailor-made holidays and private tours for discerning travellers seeking authentic experiences around the world.

Our Approach

Our work with Audley spread out over several months. Following extensive consulting, we developed a program that developed core management capabilities focused through a leadership lens. Qualities like strategy, recruitment, change management, coaching and emotional intelligence; time and stress management and performance management.

Our responsive and interact approach helped Audley’s managers begin to see themselves as leaders of the business. Through a series of leadership projects that spanned the course of the program, managers were able to apply the mindset they developed in session in real world challenges. It’s this approach that ensured results were lasting and meaningful.

The Result

A year after sessions concluded, Natalie Lewis, Head of Southeast Asia at Audley Travel, remarked, that Innate Leaders showed “our managers how to act more like leaders and think for themselves within the framework available to them. We have seen some really amazing things come out of the sessions, not least the ability of the managers to coach rather than tell, and therefore an improvement in employee engagement. Our managers also now have a desire to question, understand and improve rather than just accept the status quo. Even a year on people are still using what they learnt in the workshops that Innate Leaders did for us, and we are trying to keep the buzz alive as it had such a great impact.”


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