Equity Consulting


Equity Consulting: A Mindset Approach

The Challenge

The world is changing, and business is changing too.

Equity is not the same as equality or diversity and inclusion. Equality is about everyone having the same, D&I is about creating organizations of people that’s reflective of society. But equity is more profound. Equity is about access: access to the same opportunities to succeed.

Today, social movements are helping shine a light on inequity in society. And forward thinking businesses are seeking to see, and overcome systemic and unintentional inequity in their organizations.

Equity Consulting: A Mindset Approach

Changes to processes or hiring practices help operationalize workplace equity. Surveys help monitor progress. But workplace equity begins with a shift in mindset.

That’s because the mindset that created or benefits from inequity can’t be the mindset that fixes it. But that doesn’t mean people in positions of power have to quit their jobs.

Instead, equity consulting seeks to shift mindsets toward being able to honestly see inequity. That shift allows systemic inequity to come out of the shadows. From there, equity consulting work together with the advantaged and disadvantaged to create a system that affords access for everyone to the things we need to succeed.

How it Works

At Innate Leaders, equity consulting is three stage process:

  1. First we work with leaders to facilitate a shift toward an equity mindset
  2. Then, we encourage leaders to look at their business through the lens of an equity mindset and identify inequity that may exist systemically, unintentionally, or perhaps explicitly
  3. Lastly, we bring together a cross-section of your business and begin the process of developing new ways of working that affords access for everyone to the things we need to succeed

Because we all think differently and our businesses face different challenges, our equity consulting is designed to fit your people, and your business.

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Facing a people challenge?

Our approach starts with an interactive experience. We work with your teams to develop the six attributes of a leadership mindset that enables them to work together, model leadership, and come up with solutions themselves.

Facing a practical challenge?

Our consulting ignites a revolution. It grows the six attributes and operationalises leadership behaviours. Not only do your people have great ideas, they have the mindset to make those ideas succeed.