What’s unique about Innate Leaders?

We’re a bullshit free zone. We don’t claim to be gurus. We offer what we know to work and what we know to be true. That’s why we don’t use models, processes or theories.

We’re a practical consultancy and we passionately believe leadership is a mindset that leads to a set of behaviours. We combine cognitive behavioural coaching and positive psychology, together with critical theory, to create an interactive consulting experience.

This proven approach has helped individuals grow as leaders, lead change, and create long term self-sustaining change back in the office.

Beyond that, we’ll take the time to understand you and your business. Then when we understand what’s going on, we don’t just offer advice, we’ll work with your people to design a ground up solution that works.

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How is your professional development different?

For Innate Leaders, leadership is the common element that impacts everything that groups and individuals do. That’s why we work on developing the mindset that leads to real leadership behaviours.

We’ll call participants before a session and get a good sense of where they’re at and what they need. Then we’ll design programs for scratch just for them. In that way we make sure we’re developing the right mindset for your organization.

Our sessions deal with real world issues. They’re practical and produce meaningful solutions.

We don’t believe in band-aid solutions that’s why we offer on-going support to help you implement organizational change developed through our consulting.

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What’s your tracked record in Practical Consulting?

Over the past ten years we’ve offered professional development to different of organizations in a number of sectors and industries—everything from multi-nationals, to small and medium sized business enterprises, to non-profits and public sector clients. Check out our client list to see some of our recent clients.

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How does your Implementing Change Programme work?

Implementing Change is a three step process:

Step 1: We’ll consult with senior managers on the nature and scope of the change

Step 2: We’ll work with senior managers to develop the mindset and behaviours to support and reinforce the change. This stage sees participants developing and implementing change initiatives to drive performance

Step 3: We’ll work with frontline managers to create buy-in so they’re able to actively lead the change

Whatever your change initiative, our Implementing Change helps you not only design an effective change process, but also create buy-in for that change.

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Does Innate Leaders produce sustainable change?

Yes. We being all our work with long term sustainability in mind.

We coaches and that means we work with your people to develop their own solutions. We then work with them to develop a meaningful and practical implementation plan based on their solutions. Our results are effective because your people know your business better than any consultant. The outcomes are become self-sustainable because your people have a vested interest in making their ideas work.

And that gives leadership behaviours and organizational changes the best chance of sticking.

We also offer our services on an on-going basis during that all important implementation phase.

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Where do you work?

We currently work with clients in the UK, Europe, Canada and the US.

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What are people saying about you?

We’ve been fortunate to work with some great organizations and people. Here’s a sampling of the things they’ve said about us:

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Do you work with individuals and/or groups?

Leadership at all levels isn’t about one person, it’s about a culture. That’s why we focus on teams and organizations.

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How much does working with Innate Leaders cost?

Sustainable results take place with multiple sessions over time.

Because we design a unique solution just for you, it’s hard to provide a general cost.

Innate Leaders isn’t the cheapest option, but we do create sustainable results.

That said, we promise you:

* We will never say we can do something that we can’t
* We will never use models, processes or leadership theories
* We never pretend to be experts or gurus
* We will always offer our honest view of the situation
* We won’t work with you if we don’t think we can help
* We’ll find the most cost effective solution that produces sustainable results

Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop the solution that’s right for you and your budget.

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