Open Leadership Mindset MasterClass


One Day Leadership Mindset MasterClass
London, UK

The Challenge

You’re a leader or an aspiring leader.

You’ve tried the courses, read the books, and practiced the techniques. And it’s shown you one thing: leadership is more than a skill.

And you’re right. Leadership is a mindset. A way of looking at the world borne out of our experiences.

You’re ready to put down the books and begin the journey toward being an authentic leader. Someone who thinks for themselves, who takes risks and is always growing.

What is a Leadership Mindset? 

A leadership mindset is a flexible, broader outlook that breeds a different way of thinking.

It’s the way of thinking that allows you to see your professional and personal challenges differently. When that happens, revolutionary ideas are possible.

The Leadership Mindset MasterClass

Our Leadership Mindset MasterClass creates the experiences to allow you to come face to face with the personal and professional beliefs that stop you from being the kind of leader you know you can be.

Through a series of interactive challenges you’ll begin the journey of developing a flexible mind, one that dares to think for itself; and seeks out new and innovative ways to address your personal and professional blocks.

Register Your Interest

To register your interest write “Leadership Mindset MasterClass” in the message section of our contact form and we’ll get right back to you. Places are £547 per person and include lunch and refreshments.

Management Consulting

Facing a practical challenge?

Our management consulting is different. We start by developing a leadership mindset that aligns your team around the practical challenge it faces. Then, with everyone pulling on the same rope, in the same direction, magic happens.

Leadership Mindset Consulting

Looking for something different?

Our blend of team coaching and management consulting ignites a revolution. It grows leadership mindsets and operationalizes leadership behaviours. Not only do your people have great ideas, they have the mindset to make those ideas succeed.