Leadership team coaching develops a mindset of leadership. Not only do you gain a sound business solution, you also gain a leadership team capable of implementing it successfully.

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Change team coaching helps frontline managers to leadership teams identify and implement change initiatives. It works best when facing a live change challenge in your business.

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Team coaching is for teams facing a live current challenge affecting the team. We’ll first gel the team as a strong unit and then help the team develop meaningful solutions to the challenge they face.

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Practical Consultancy:
A New Concept in Professional Development.

It’s based on a simple ethos: to succeed in today’s economy leadership is vital at all levels of business.

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Innate Leaders - ready for a new bred of consultant?

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  • “Joe Britto has been working with the Executive and Senior Management Teams at Aldwyck Housing Group to develop skills in Project Management, Change Management and Creativity. Joe has quickly established a rapport with this diverse group of managers, and his sessions have been fun, thought-provoking, and useful. I am leading a corporate change program, which involves culture change and capacity-building, to which Joe has made a valuable contribution. People trust him and will therefore engage, even if we are taking them out of their comfort zone!”

  • “If it’s important to an organisation that the leaders are authentic custodians of the organisation’s values, then Innate Leaders is invaluable. We all left having a true understanding of the roles of the other members of the leadership team and feeling a deep sense of individual accountability for all team decisions. Our course was invaluable because it’s grounded in some really strong principals and most importantly it got results. This absolutely changed the way our team works together in a massive way. I know a traditional leadership programme would have given us nothing. We didn’t need to learn how to be leaders; what we needed was to work with someone who could make the team the best leadership team it could be. Joe quickly gained our trust and we knew he understood what we needed and where we wanted to go. It felt like a risk, but sometimes you have to take risks to get something incredible.”

  • “I am so very pleased with the wonderful facilitation that Joe Britto provided for our Leadership Regardless of Title event. What he produced was the perfect blend of interactive teambuilding and thought-provoking learning. Everyone had a great time. Joe’s ability to quickly digest the participants’ questions and comments and respond at exactly the right moment with exactly the right point was especially impressive. I could not have been happier with the outcome! The collaborative process of co-developing the course with Joe, and his ability to weave in new ideas that we discussed even up to the day before the event, exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Innate Leaders again!”

  • “Joe is a great consultant. He made a group of hesitant people think outside of their comfort zone with ease. He took real world examples and applied them to the sessions. If I have any regrets it’s that we didn’t get more time with him.”

  • “We were looking for way to inspire the managers at our company to lead the business and Joe certainly didn’t disappoint. The sessions he ran were dynamic, educational, thought provoking, interactive and above all fun. Who would have thought you could learn so much with plant pots, an obstacle course, Lego and a giant rubber ring! Although structured in his mind, the sessions were really flexible. The follow-up and support has been really good too which was essential to us. All in all highly recommended and we look forward to calling on him again in future.”

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