New Business World, New Mindset

July 6, 2020 Joe Britto

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The world is changing, and at Innate Leaders we know this has been a difficult time. In April, to help as much as we could, we offered our time for free. Now we’ve developed two new streams of consulting to help organizations face the most pressing issues of today: Covid-19 recovery and workplace equity.

Innovate Work: Covid-19 Recovery

From a mindset perspective, how people determine a course of action is a simple process: we reach back into our inventory of past situations, decisions, and actions for the one that most closely resembles the challenge in front of us. That short-hand is helpful 98% of the time. The constraint of using that approach in a Covid-19 world, is that we have no repository of similar experiences to draw on.

Innovate Work consulting helps leaders develop new solutions to business challenges by developing new ways of thinking.

Over the past three months we’ve identified four stages of Covid-19 recovery, and the mindset challenges each faces. Tailored to your specific stage of recovery, Innovate Work helps leaders create the shift in thinking that allows them to:

  • adapt to new business realities
  • pivot current strategies to mid and longer term Covid-19 strategies
  • develop longer term strategic focus for growth in a post Covid-19 world

Workplace Equity: Equity Consulting

Social injustice doesn’t just happen. It’s created. And the reason why people create policies that are socially unjust is less complicated that you might think.

Whatever mindset I hold, that’s the same mindset I use to develop policies. My mindset determines whether I speak out when I see workplace inequity or remain silent. So though I can change processes or hiring practices to try to create workplace equity, those can be band-aid solutions if my mindset remains the same.

That’s why true workplace equity begins with a shift in mindset.

At Innate Leaders, Equity Consulting is three stage process:

  1. First we work with leaders to facilitate a shift toward an equity mindset
  2. Then, we encourage leaders to look at their business through the lens of an equity mindset and identify inequity that may exist systemically, unintentionally, or perhaps explicitly
  3. Lastly, we bring together a cross-section of your business and begin the process of developing new ways of working that affords access for everyone to the things we need to succeed

Our approach to workplace equity doesn’t demonize or ostracize those that benefit from a system, but instead finds ways for everyone to help create workplace equity.

Equity consulting is about creating a mindset shift toward equity. It’s a shift that allows us to see systemic injustice, and work together, to create a system that affords access for everyone to the things we need to thrive.


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