Looking to Grow as a Leader? Then Put The Books Down

October 26, 2014
October 26, 2014 Joe Britto

If you’re looking to grow as a leader and are daunted by the prospect you’re not alone. It’s that feeling, the one when you realise you’re responsible for a team, a department or a business that can send you running online to check out the latest leadership book, model or theory.

And there’s plenty out there to fulfil the need: business books examining the major trends for leaders of the future, courses on effective leadership, magazine articles with pearls of wisdom and yes, blogs with the latest leadership insight.

Sure, some of those hundreds of thousands of words written about leadership help leaders and emerging leaders grow as a leader. Perhaps they offer a nugget that gives someone insight on how they’d like to handle their leadership role.

For others, maybe it all starts sounding as if understanding leadership is as elusive as finding Bigfoot, as easy to grasp as water, or accessible only with a secret handshake.

Innate Leadership

Of course that’s not true at all. Leadership is something you do every day. It’s the combination of skills you use as you guide yourself through life: judgement, honesty, integrity, curiosity, resilience and courage, among others.

The difference between leading yourself and leading others is demonstrating those qualities consistently. And that’s what it takes to grow as a leader.

Leadership Without the Mystery

Sound easy? Well, on one level it is. And on another it’s among the greatest challenges life can offer. Why? Because of that phrase above: demonstrating those qualities consistently.

That’s why books, articles and blogs on leadership get so much attention. They offer the promise of a system of leadership – kind of a “follow these steps and you’ll be a great leader”. And that is the biggest lie of all.

Think about it: if you’re following steps, how much of a leader are you?

Innate Leaders

That’s why our leadership development isn’t about teaching you how to be a leader. We challenge and stretch you to enhance your current leadership abilities. Our leadership development helps you find the authentic leadership qualities innate to you and use them to lead and influence your team, department and company.

Sound interesting?

Bespoke Leadership Development

Leadership development with Innate Leaders is never the same twice. In fact we develop all our work to suit you, your business and your organizational goals. To find out more, drop us an email and we’ll talk about how Innate Leaders can work with your business.


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Facing a people challenge?

Our approach starts with an interactive experience. We work with your teams to develop the six attributes of a leadership mindset that enables them to work together, model leadership, and come up with solutions themselves.

Facing a practical challenge?

Our consulting ignites a revolution. It grows the six attributes and operationalises leadership behaviours. Not only do your people have great ideas, they have the mindset to make those ideas succeed.

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